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Firing Blanks – An Article on Male Infertility

We sat together 4 of us, at a friend’s house, celebrating the birth of his bouncing baby boy, …

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How Everyday Toxins Can Cause Male Infertility

Sometimes it’s the little things that can lead to bigger problems, such as male infertility. A lot of men …

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What Nigerian Men Need To Know About Fertility

Historically, the shame of being unable to have children was solely placed on the woman’s shoulders.  The pregnancy occurs …

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What Are The Risk Factors Of Infertility?

In medicine, a risk factor is something that raises the risk of developing a condition, disease or symptom. …

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Fertility Tests

FOR WOMEN For women, a number of tests can be used to try to establish the cause of …

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Fertility Diet

FOR WOMEN Diet of women plays an important role in determining her fertility.  The healthiest and safest way …

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Effect Of Infertility In Men

Infertility has generally been assumed to be a woman’s issue. There seems to be a myth that because …

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Male Infertility: Medical Causes

Infertility is often thought of as a woman’s disease and it is often assumed that the female partner …

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Fertility Talk With Dr Abayomi Ajayi: Azoospermia, A Problem Of Production Or Delivery

Azoospermia, the term which describes complete absence of sperm in the ejaculate, is a diagnosis most men dread. …

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How Does A Man’s Weight Affect His Fertility?

Recent studies have found a link between male fertility problems and obesity. In fact, being overweight or obese …

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