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Fertility Tests

FOR WOMEN For women, a number of tests can be used to try to establish the cause of …

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Diagnosing Infertility

Most people will visit their doctor if there is no pregnancy after 12 months of trying. For anybody …

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The Power Of Positive Thinking For Fertility

Stress can negatively impact the body, thus putting a damper on fertility. And unfortunately, stress is compounded when …

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Predicting Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant With IVF

When predicting your chances of getting pregnant with IVF, there are different factors to consider such as ovarian …

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How Does IVF Work?

The whole IVF process takes place within one menstrual cycle.For most women this is around 28 days, although …

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Surrogacy 101- All You Need To Know

What is surrogacy and why would you do it?  Surrogates or gestational carriers are needed when there is …

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Fertility Talk With Dr Ajayi: Unexplained Infertility

First Published August 2013 EVERYTHING LOOKS NORMAL, BUT SOMETHING’S WRONG Many people may not have met or known Beatrice. …

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Fertility Talk With Dr Ajayi: Unexplained Infertility (Part 2)

Did you miss part 1? Read Here Today I will be discussing the current understanding of what constitutes …

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Egg Donation

Many couples who want to have children find it difficult or impossible to conceive. Using special techniques, some …

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10 Things To Do Before You Get Pregnant

Are you thinking about taking the plunge into parenthood?  This is one of the most exciting times of …

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