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How To Increase Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant After Ovulation

How To Increase Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant After Ovulation

Conception takes place when a male sperm meet and fertilizes the egg, produced and transferred it to the oviduct by the female ovary. This process takes place between 24 to 48 hours for the period of a woman’s monthly cycle. In-other words, this varies specifically amongst women just as our monthly cycle differs. An egg is only viable for 24 hours after ovulation, making it near impossible to time sex perfectly.

There are some physical symptoms associated with ovulation, although they’re often too subtle for some women to tune in to. Approximately 20 percent of women feel a sharp cramp on one side of the lower abdomen when they are ovulating; the pain might be very severe and can occur just before, during, or after ovulation.

A current study however reveals that in order to enhance your chances to get pregnant fast after ovulation, a healthy sex life makes likely conception.  Sperm can live up to three days in a woman’s body, so you’ll increase your chances of getting pregnant, even if you meet with your partner three days before you ovulate.
If a few months of unprotected sex haven’t led to pregnancy, and you’re not ready to consult specialist, try using an ovulation detector to time your intercourse for your most fertile times.

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These fertility monitors are available over-the-counter at most drugstores. While there are varieties in the market, the most common are ovulation test sticks which work by detecting high levels of LH (luteinizing hormone, which triggers the release of the egg from the ovary) in urine.

The test detects an LH surge the day before you ovulate, meaning you need to meet with your partner  right away if you want to become pregnant during the cycle. Other monitors work by taking daily temperature measurements, assessing microscopic patterns in saliva, or monitoring chloride levels in perspiration. Period of ovulation in a woman cycles varies categorically, but due to several factors such as illnesses and stress may hinder the chances of getting pregnant during your ovulation.

Acupuncture are also one of the best treatments that can help to increase the chances of getting pregnant fast after ovulation, it purifies one’s energy, giving the woman an ample opportunity to conceive after ovulation, there are also various types of foods that women are require to eat so as to boost her fertility.

Eating a diet rich in whole foods, whole grains, lean protein, dairy products, and lots of colorful fresh fruits and vegetables is good advice for anyone.

Although, there is no solid proof, some studies have shown a link between caffeine consumption and the ability to conceive. To be safe, try to consume less than 300 milligrams a day. Since drinking large amounts of caffeine while pregnant is a no-no anyway, you might as well start cutting back now.

Studies have shown that women with a body mass index (BMI) of over 30 or under 20 have a harder time getting pregnant than those in the 20 to 30 range. The reason is that your body fat produces hormones that affect your menstrual cycle, and being over- or underweight can disrupt your natural cycle. So strive for a healthy BMI, with the most ideal range being between 20-24.

Some research has suggested that stress management, such as yoga and meditation, can play a role in a woman’s ability to get pregnant. Reducing stress in your body has been shown to increase ovarian activity. So relax, enjoy yourself, and let nature do the rest!

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