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Coping With Male Menopause And Depression

Coping With Male Menopause And Depression

Depression may happen due to various reasons and hormonal changes also account for mood problems. Menopause and depression have a strong link not only because of changing hormones but also due to the other accompanying factors like sexual inability, fatigue and feelings of inactivity.

The problem with male menopause is that the men who are affected with it don’t always understand what is happening to them or even if they do they don’t want to accept it. Therefore, they are unable to seek help and treatment for the same.

Tiredness, erectile dysfunction, mood changes, heart palpitations, night sweats, hot flushes are some of the other symptoms of male menopause which are very similar to that of female menopause symptoms.


Depression during such phase is very common and is characterized by hopelessness, despair, lack of appetite, fatigue, anxiety, feelings of doom, suicidal thoughts and guilt.

However, there are effective ways to overcome this phase and get rid of depression symptoms as well. But first you have to accept this problem and seek proper help.

The most common way to treat male menopause is by seeking hormone replacement therapy in which testosterone is sent into your body through various methods which include injection, oral capsules, patches or implantation.

The doctor will do some examinations to determine the level of hormone requirement for you. Other than hormone replacement you can also make some lifestyle modifications and mental adjustments to get rid of the depression.

Follow a healthy lifestyle, take enough rest and sleep, take healthy and balanced diet, remain active through regular exercise and practice meditation and maintain a good social life. All this will rejuvenate you and take you out from depression. You will also benefit by controlling health problems which may be responsible for your menopause.

Family support and assurance can help a man going through the distressing phase of a male menopause. Feelings of impotence, aging and lack of sexual prowess can depress any man to great extent when love and support from spouse is most important.

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