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7 Lifestyle Changes To Reduce Male Menopause Symptoms

7 Lifestyle Changes To Reduce Male Menopause Symptoms

Besides taking action to improve declining hormone levels during the male menopause years, a male will experience the best and most lasting results by including other important lifestyle improvements.


Regular Exercise
Regular exercise has to be considered ESSENTIAL for good health and vitality. The male body is made for movement for one’s life, including during the male menopause years and beyond! Every one of the body’s systems performs better and longer when the body is moved on a regular basis.

Perhaps when you were younger, it was running, basketball, wrestling, hockey or baseball. If injuries are a concern, maybe a different kind of competitive sport is the answer in midlife – participating in swimming, softball and so on are examples.

Perhaps having your own exercise equipment at home fits you and your lifestyle better. Choose what works best for you – but DO IT! Your improved health, energy and well-being will be your reward. Make it a priority for the rest of your life.

Watch Your Weight
Fat cells tend to exacerbate testosterone deficiency by converting the hormone to estrogen.

Quit Smoking
The connection between tobacco use and male menopause is still uncertain. Some research shows an increase in testosterone in those who smoke, while another study noted that men who smoked 10 cigarettes a day for more than 20 years experienced a decline in androgen production five years earlier than nonsmokers.

Eat Whole Unprocessed Foods
Eat whole unprocessed foods that will contain more nutrients and fiber and less additives and preservatives. Especially emphasize fresh vegetables – try to work your way up to 8-9 servings a day of vegetable juices, salads and other enjoyable ways of consuming this food group.

Eat Organic
Eat organic as much as you can. Most beef, dairy and poultry products are fed antiobotics and growth hormones that end up in the human body. The chemical sprays and pesticides used on commercial fruits and vegetables have long-term negative health consequences.

Take A Fish Oil Supplement And Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Take a fish oil supplement and use extra virgin olive oil instead of other fats and oils in your diet. Numerous studies have proven the wide range of health benefits to you from fish oil and virgin olive oil.

Take The Best Nutritional Supplement
Take the best nutritional supplement you can to help your body deal with today’s pollution and the lower nutrient content of foods. Taking a quality daily nutritional supplement made especially for a male would be a wise choice.

Sadly, so many of the supplements on the market today are ineffective either due to low potency levels, or, they simply do not contain what is stated on the label. Even worst, many supplements can have dangerously high levels of contaminants due to relaxed regulatory regulations governing the manufacture of dietary supplements.

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