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Sperm Killers: Bad Diet

Sperm Killers: Bad Diet



This one is sort of linked to obesity, but not always. If a man only eats junk food and unhealthy stuff, his body won’t be able to make healthy sperm, decrease in normal sperm and his is more likely to be misshaped and puny. While men who eat less junks and process food tend to have much healthier sperm quality as the body needs certain vitamins and nutrients in order to produce healthy sperm. Eating a healthy and well balanced diet is key to healthy fertility.

Also many researchers believe the biggest source of BPA contamination comes through food packaging. Sure, canned food is convenient, but almost all of those metal cans are coated with a BPA resin, which migrates into the food. Acidic canned products, such as tomato paste or sauces are particularly saturated with BPA.

Also, hidden sugar is hidden in almost every type of processed food you can find under your roof; these sugars are likely killing your sperm count.

Protect yourself choose fresh or frozen food instead of canned whenever possible, and buy foods like pasta sauce in glass jars rather than in cans.

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